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Weekly Horoscope beginning Sunday 4th April 2010


Libra 20th Sept-21st Oct  

Later this week and soon after Saturn slips out of your sign (temporarily), Pluto seems to come to a standstill. The combined effect suggests great emphasis on family health (and wealth). You've now had well over a year to learn more about the underside of life and to deal with those matters you'd perhaps wish were left to others. However, Monday and Tuesday could find you in unusual element as you embrace challenges which border on the exciting. True, you might not like the mass of paper-work connected with all this: yet perhaps you know that if you don't do something now, then perhaps you never will. High priority seems to be tax, inheritance, mortgages and joint financial management. What you sign later this week might be considered one of the key documents of your life journey.  

Scorpio 22nd Oct-21st Nove  

Pluto appears at a standstill on 7th and before then seems to be hardly moving at all. This attention to one area of the zodiac by a planet that's said to 'rule' you, is interesting. The aspects made to it are beautifully geometrical - almost as though pieces of a jigsaw are finally falling into place. Your worst fears could prove so definitely unfounded when it becomes apparent that others have been beavering away behind the scenes and that your interests are protected. That said, you might still find reason to raise your voice and make clear what you see a 'fight' to be on Monday. Or maybe it will be the case that you break a grid-lock. Whatever, attention turns to you and your professionalism. Your particular expertise may be noticed and subsequently celebrated on Friday.   

Sagittarius 21st Nove-21st Dec  

Family-related news which first affected you around a year ago requires considerable attention now. It may be that you now have to consider ways creating a different kind of work-space at home - or even a move. Or perhaps it will be the arrival of large furniture that prompts you to think carefully about space-usage generally. With Saturn slipping (temporarily) back into the 'career' zone of your solar chart, going back over old ground may be necessary from Thursday. Rather than lament this, you might be positively pleased to be given chance to tie up loose ends - and even, perhaps, to close the week with a minor celebration (and welcoming party?). With someone close making moves to improve their working conditions, you might also be prompted to consider what you could do to improve your own prospects.  

Capricorn 21st Dec-20th Jan  

You could so easily feel empowered. Work-wise it's as though you arrive at a new juncture - which might result in interesting deals being struck. If you're looking for a new job, you could find exactly what you're looking for. Your status with the family seems to be changing too. Those younger (and who're probably studying) seek you out for advice - perhaps concerning work experience or even travel opportunity. All this adds to the growing feeling that you're at last 'getting somewhere'. True, you could find yourself at crossed swords with someone whose creative or artistic abilities aren't in question but who's not that good at paper-work or due diligence. As this person strives to put their affairs on a different footing, your expertise is sought and appreciated and might, on Friday, prompt a gesture of thanks.  

Aquarius 21st Jan-19th Feb 

For many reasons you might feel more grounded - and satisfied - on Friday than you have for some time. Though there may be mopping up operations to perform as you come to the end of one project, before the weekend you should have ample idea of the fresh options open to you. Interestingly, there's a strong 'back to nature' theme for you over these few days. The great outdoors could be a factor but it's perhaps more likely that you'll be involved in something that's very 'grass roots'. - or, maybe, you'll get involved in garden design! Whatever, there's something about sowing seeds this week and doing so with the support of a large organisation. You might even be asked to write up notes on this. With your brain teased somehow (exam or test?), you're at your best and so meet a deadline with ease.  

Pisces 19th Feb-20th March 

Information you receive this week may shake you. You may be asked to make a decision. Whatever you choose, the likelihood is that you'll feel a great weight has been shifted before the weekend. True, there might be 'experts' whose opinion you want to hear. It's your own inner voice that will make the final decision though. As Pluto arrives at apparent standstill midweek, you gain strength and confidence. The empowerment brought over these few days may give you the energy needed to tackle a task that had you so enthused last year but was pushed aside in favour of other things. Involvement with a group and- specifically - with someone who's almost obsessed at trying to bring order to a chaotic situation - is probable. There's a sort of 'rallying the troops' feel to the end of the week which should be exciting.

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