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Weekly Horoscope beginning Sunday 4th April 2010

Aries 21st march-19th april

On Thursday Saturn slips back into Virgo - and you could come unstuck through paperwork that ought to have been done months ago. Might this be connected to tax or repayment of some kind? If you've been held back waiting for others to complete their paperwork then the good news is that you might not need to wait much longer. All this is background noise though. What's clear 9and not just because we're in your birthday month), is that you have a far, far clearer idea of what would make you happy and could now attract the right kind of scenes where you can say your piece. Indeed, what you suggest on Tuesday should have quick impact and might lead to fresh understanding and even a possible deal midweek. Then there's just the matter of tying up those loose ends 

Taurus 21st April- 20th may  

The Sun may not have reached your sign yet but Venus and Mercury have - which suggests that for once you might even be running ahead of yourself. With the strong likelihood that something you've been working on since last November now attracting positive attention, there's just so much you could achieve over these few days. Others want to hear your views and might even be willing to sign confidentiality agreements if that's necessary. Though you might not be entirely comfortable with a marketing plan or its implementation, that probably won't stop you getting involved and pulling out all the stops over Thursday and Friday. If this is related to an event scheduled for next month your input could make huge difference. Someone born near the Virgo/Libra cusp might have a key role to play too.  

Gemini 21st may-20 june 

On Thursday, Saturn slips back into another of the mutable signs and, before the end of the month, will oppose Uranus. This activity straddles the back-bone of your solar chart. On a simple level that probably means you should take care of your back. Though perhaps in the mood to spring-clean, it might be as well to take things gently. At a different level, financial matters warrant some care - but for positive reasons. You could sort out a mess speedily and with the assistance of someone born under one of the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. There's another possibility too: notification by mail about a repayment or the sale of an item that's interested you for some months. All you need do is stay focused on Thursday/Friday. 

Cancer 21st june-21st july 

Emotionally it seems you're in a good place: which is just as well as much could be thrown at you this week. True, much of this could come through friends or even close partners who're going through other relationship crisis. You don't have to any more than offer a sympathetic ear. Yet it's possible that there is at least one decision you need to make. Might this be transport-related? Or is this about communications (new mobile phone needed?). A further possibility is that you need better back-up support. There may be little you can do about a constantly changing schedule: you might even have got used to this dimension of your life. By this Friday you'd probably feel better if you had just a little more control - all of which is possible: especially if you join forces with someone born under Aries, Libra or Capricorn.  

Leo 22nd July-22nd Aug  

With the Moon in another of the Fire signs this weekend and both Mercury and Venus at the apex of your solar chart, it's likely you'll make very, very clear what it is that you want from others and what you're prepared to offer in return. Yes, there is a negotiating quality to these few days and yes, it is likely you'll at first talk tough - but probably not for long. The fact is that you're increasingly interested in the slow burn of relationships that are built to last. With your attention turned to these friendships (and passions), and despite initial friction, you may find you're very much in demand and that someone born under of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) is particularly interested.

Virgo 22nd Aug-21st Sept 

On Thursday, Saturn slips back into your sign (and yes, you might groan at this news). However, this transit occurs not so far from Pluto's station and from a series of aspects which look favourable. It's quite possible that a deal or project that was on the table last year will come back - and at more favourable terms. Though you might be forgiven for thinking that you've taken two steps forward only to have to now take a step back, what seems likely is that you're now viewed with new respect. A working relationship with someone who's been around a long time and whose credentials you admire could move smoothly to a new platform. Perhaps all that's required is for you to keep questions to a minimum and focus instead on agreeing reasonable timelines.


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