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moon phases

the moon phases have alot to do with everything that we do in our lives. Here i will explain what each phase means. i will show what each night moon phase is,




Moon VOC


Moon Void of Course
The Void of Course Moon indicates nothing to worry about or nothing will happen. If you begin a project during this time, it may not succeed or ever develop; decisions made may never be acted upon. Disturbing news heard at this time may not be worth worrying about. This is a good time to gather information while detaching from the outcome. The void period ends when the moon enters the next sign.

Void of Course Moon times determined using Ptolemaic aspects (conjunction, opposition, trine, square, sextile) and aspects in declination (parallel and contra-parallel).




Handshake Days
Handshake days are geared toward business activities such as: signing a contract; applying for a loan; placing an order; scheduling a time for a meeting; finalizing a business deal; turning in a job application; making an announcement; making a major purchase; initiating an important event or project.
NOTE: The Void of Course Moon period overrides the Handshake period.





Mercury Retrograde (more)
While Mercury is retrograde, familiar channels of communications become tangled and confused. Expect delays and changes in plans. Use this time for researching and problem-solving.

This is a great time to rewrite and edit, rework an old project or successfully repeat a task. Reevaluate and reconsider, but hold final decisions and approvals until Mercury goes direct.

The tendency is to initialize or finalize projects prematurely. The contents of verbal or written contracts and plans made now may later seem inadequate or unclear. This is not a good time to buy on the spur of the moment without investigation.

This is also not a good time to purchase electronic equipment or cars. Major purchases may be reduced in price after the retrograde period and you can save money by waiting. Major repairs or surgery performed now may be incomplete or plagued by unexpected repercussions.

Double-check and reconfirm every detail. Typed or written errors are easily overlooked, paperwork mislaid, appointments forgotten. Let your sense of humor overcome the challenge of unexpected adjustments.
















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