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Quotes This is for Crystal from Option 1,2,3 ... Thanks ever so much she has done me a past live reading and took it right back to the 10th cent she has been there for all the ups and downs that come with that reading so I say a big thank you Crystal . This lady is amazing I am still letting it sink in as she gave me so much information about the past and the lessons I have in this life I have a past live sole mate in this life and I have found him he has been there in all my lifes so fingers x we get it right in this one I see why I have the feeling I have for this person I know with Crystals help we will so keep looking for the hat ...hahhaha I wish U crystal a very merry christmas and best wishes for 2010 Love Lu .... Quotes
Lori, Scotland
Thank you Crystal

Quotes My favourite psychics are Crystal on Option 1, Laura and Hazel Lee. All these 3 physics are the best on your channel for me. They all satisfy differents within me and although they predict the same they tune into what I need. Hazel for her no fapping approach which I love but as its only 5 mins sometimes its not enough for me. Laura also helps me by looking into it from a different angle and I always feel so positive when I have had a reading with her. Crystal, thank you for being so compassionate and non judgemental in your approach and taking the time to listen while I rant on and calming me down everytime with your positivity and your honesty. What I love about these three is they dont tell me what I want to hear but the truth and that is what its all about. Thank You Hazel, Laura and Crystal.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Quotes
Bina (51), London
My Favourite Psychics

Quotes Crystal, usually on Option 1 or 2 has helped me immensely with my ongoing situation, I don't know what I would do without her weekly input! Thanks Crystal, you are just great! Quotes
Sam, UK
Lovely Crystal

Quotes Hi Crystal .... Thanks for all the help you give me ...I am going through a rather big life changeing experience at the moment and I am also doing it on my own I was begining to wonder why me ! With Crystal help she has made me see it is all to do with a past life I have to deal with it ... It is a bit scary on ur own but with Crystals and Matts help I am sure I will get through it . My Mum is in spirt so I know she will be putting in her 1.50 as well "well you would know that Crystal she come to you to tell me off " hahahah .... This lady has a great gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Crystal. Every day life is a bit rough at the moment, but you keep telling me I have to go through this and there is light and the end of this . Thanks again Lu xx Quotes
lu, scotland
Falkirk / Culloden

Quotes I am gobsmacked. Crystal I cant believe it!!!! I called Crystal this morning and I lit a cigarette and she said I know you just lit a cigarette and hope you enjoy it. Incredible, I just cant believe it. Pure Validation and that you can see what I am doing. Better behave myself next time I call you. Crystal, you are an amzing psychic and thank you for helping me with my ongoing situation and being there for me. You are always right and your compassionate, caring and honest way has helped me so much and I class you as a close friend now. Thank you and you are a lovely special lady who makes my heart warm every time I speak to you cos you have a way of always making me feel better. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Quotes
anon, london
wow wow wow