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indigo vison is about opening your eyes to the possibilities around you, how we as a people can change our corner of the world. indigo vison will start with psychic phonelines available to people in the uk and ireland, using the internet and local advertising to reach out to people who have reached a moment in their lives where they may have become sensitive and questionable of their future.

indigo vison is here to support and give advice to those who are in circumstances that they do not understand, perhaps questions have been raised about their careers and love lifes these are the people who need answers.

my hopes for indigo vison are to begin with the psychic phonelines and then progress to radio shows. once i have achieved this i will then look into other ways to reach out, i would like to start a magazine giving people the answers about spiritual enlightment and psychic ways. everyone should have a basic knowledge of psychic and spiritual gifts. and i aim to achieve this, i would also like have a directory of psychics and spiritual healers i can reach out too whom i can post their details on my website so that you can pinpoint the perfect psychic/healer etc for you. i believe that if a psychic is revealed to you then you were meant to speak to them.

 psychics are a personal choice much like doctors, we give confidential advice and support. we are always available at anytime to help and attend to your needs. leading me on to my long term plans, doctors and nurses have surgerys so i plan to start opening clinics that have a range of spiritual persons onsite available just like surgerys and doctors. this is a long term plan so i feel it will be a while untill i can achieve this but that is why i need you the public to support me in my plans.


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