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     Crystal Vision is the sister site to Indigo Vision, the website promotes goodwill and peace. Crystal runs the site with the help of Kayleigh Thompson, Crystal is a genuine psychic and has been running her path for many years. She first realised she was gifted when she visited athlehamptam house, Dorchester. As she walked around the building one of the doors closed. she also noticed that one of the beds had an indentation. Upon leaving the house as she turned around she saw the image of a grey lady in one of the upstairs windows.

       Crystal truely understood her gifts when she was 15years of age, a friend in passing brought her a deck of tarot cards and she completed her first reading with complete accuracy. Since then she has given numorous readings, working closely with Scotland Yard and local police authorities.

       She has worked on the Moores murders, and other crime investigations of which are still currently up to date. Crystal works privately and nationally, you may have heard of her from the famous Psychic Interactive Show Sky 886 as Crystal from Option 1, 2 or 3.

       Crystal has been heard on radio and in newspapers, she has had over 30years of experiance and works on a daily basis with her spiritual guide Mat. She has worked on paranormal investigations with Haunted Breaks. She often works in the studio at Psychic TV 886.

       She is an Indigo Child, sent to this earth to give the people of this planet the truth and guide the confused. Crystal is a remote viewer and also has worked on live evenings as a clairvoyant.

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  • "This is for Crystal from Option 1,2,3 ... Thanks ever so much she has done me a past live reading and took it right back to the 10th cent she has been there for all the ups and ..."
    Lori, Scotland
    Thank you Crystal
  • "My favourite psychics are Crystal on Option 1, Laura and Hazel Lee. All these 3 physics are the best on your channel for me. They all satisfy differents within me and although ..."
    Bina (51), London
    My Favourite Psychics

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